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SBI QUICK: Balance Enquiry Number & Mini Statement by Missed Call & SMS

State bank of India is a public banking sector which extremely deals with the financial service in accordance with the user’s account. Coming to its financial services, the state bank of India is facilitating a wide range of benefits to the customers or the account holders. As per the technology growth, the people can know the information about their account and sbi balance enquiry using sbi balance check number via the handheld device itself.

Initially, 1800112211 or 18004253800 is a contact number for SBI to check out the current balance in a specific account. For this messaging service, the account holder has to register their contact number in the bank. The process of registration for an SMS banking service is provided in the following way, 

  • Create a message as REG<space>account number
  • Send this message from respective contact number of the account holder
  •  It has to be send to 09223488888
If this registration process is not successful, the user has to check these upcoming aspects,

  • Format of a sent message
  • Destination mobile number
  • Verify that the number from where the SMS is sent, is registered in the bank or not.
  • If not, contact the specific and update the details. 


How to check SBI account balance?

  • If the account holder wants to know about the contemporary balance, they have to make a missed call to 09223766666.
  • If they want to receive a mini statement, they have to make a missed call to 09223866666


SMS banking service:

To follow the SMS banking service, the user has to give a missed call or send a message like,

For SBI Balance Enquiry,

  • Type keyword as a BAL 
  • Send that to 09223766666.

For a SBI Mini Statement,

  • Type keyword as a MSTMT
  • Send that to 09223866666.


Application of SMS banking:

  • To check out the balance and receive the mini statement
  • Top up for prepaid/ Mobicash wallet
  • DTH recharge
  • IMPS fund transfer
  • Changing password/ MPIN
  • Merchant payments through the IMPS.

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