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What is CIF Number ? How to get CIF No of SBI Bank Account?

CIF Number in SBI Bank

Are you looking to know what is CIF number of SBI? Do you want to know how to get CIF number of SBI? If yes, this article is for you. Here, I will help you to find your CIF Number of SBI bank account. 

Generally, the account holders of SBI look this information for the following purposes.
  • Move the bank account from one SBI branch to another SBI branch.
  • Activate the Internet banking
  • When applying for the Loan


What is the full form of CIF Number / CIF Code?

The full form of CIF Number is Customer Information File Number. It is a unique number for every single customer in a Bank.

What is CIF number of SBI?

  • The CIF is a digital or virtual file, which contains an entire information of that particular customer's personal and banking details.
  • SBI CIF Number is an 11 digit file number. It is a unique number for every single customer in a Bank. The CIF number digits count different from Bank to Bank. For example, 
    • Central Bank of India – 10 digits
    • Axis Bank – 4 Digits
    • HDFC Bank – 8 Digits and etc
  • If you have more than one bank account, all the bank account details are collected in one single file of CIF. So you can have only one CIF Number / CIF Code for your all SBI bank accounts.
  • It allows the bank to check the personal and financial details of the customer.
  • Personal Details - It has all of your KYC details like Name, Address, Mobile number, Aadhar number, PAN number etc.,
  • Financial Details - It includes the details of Loan, DEMAT, Mutual Funds, Insurance etc.,It helps the bank to process your information such as credit relationships, account ownership information to approve a loan application.


How to get CIF Number of SBI:

There are two methods to get the CIF No from both Online and Offline. 

Online Methods:

In some cases, you may not have your SBI passbook or check book with you, where you can use the Internet from your mobile or laptop to get it. Here I will explain you, how to find CIF number in SBI without passbook in two ways.

#1 Know your CIF No with Internet Banking:

  • Login your SBI Internet Banking.
  • Go to Account Statements and choose any particular period.
CIF Number SBI Internet Banking

  • Click 'Go'--> The control moves to ‘Account summary’ page, where you can get the CIF Number.
SBI CIF Number Internet Banking

#2 CIF Number through Mobile Banking (Mobile App):

  • In a main menu, click the 'Services' tap. 
CIF Number SBI through Mobile Banking

Choose 'Online Nomination' option.
How to Get CIF Number SBI through Mobile Banking

Now, Choose Type of Account as 'Transaction Account' -> Select Account --> Account Number. Finally, you will get the CIF Number of SBI through Mobile Banking

CIF Number SBI via Mobile Banking

Offline Methods:

In some situation, you can't access the internet at the time you can follow these methods. Here I will explain you, how to know CIF number of SBI without net banking.

#1 How to find CIF Number in SBI bank Passbook:

The CIF Number was printed on front page of SBI Bank Passbook of every customer. You can directly view the CIF Number from it easily.

CIF Number from SBI Passbook

#2 How to find CIF Number in Check Book:

Go to the first page of your SBI Bank check book. Now you can find the 11 digit printed CIF number.

#3 Call SBI Customer Care:

  • You may call to the SBI customer care number or toll-free number 1800 11 2211, 1800 425 3800 or 080-26599990.
  • Give your basic bank information for verification.
  • Ask your SBI CIF Number. From this way, you can know your CIF number.

#4 From SBI Bank Branch:

  • Go to your bank branch counter directly.
  • Give your account details to the SBI bank executive.
  • Request the SBI executive for CIF number.

From the above mentioned ways, you can get your SBI CIF Number easily. If you any queries regarding this post you feel free to share with us. We will solve your queries as much as possible.

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